Integratz Intelligent Automation & RPA Academy
Technologies & Expertise

At Aipath, our story is a bit unique: we take individuals outside of the technology industry and through a series of trainings, real client projects and pairing them up with industry technology experts to create a different approach that generates creative solutions to problems businesses are facing now. Learn more about us.
We have taken this same approach in building out the Aipath Academy for Intelligent Automation, and we are opening it up to other individuals and companies looking to – not just advance themselves – but move into a path in Intelligent Automation to stay relevant in today’s marketplace.

Aipath Academy

RPA – Robotic Process Automation
Deep Machine Learning
Computer Vision
NLP – Natural Language Processing

Academy Fun Facts

We take learning seriously; at the same time, we like to create a relaxed, fun learning environment whether it is on-site, online or at our clients’ site. The outcome of this approach is achieving great results.






Simply Amazing

  • We train, enable and build teams in Intelligent Automation

Aipath Academy Progression

Learn Technology


    Hunger for knowledge and experience is the only attribute you need to bring to the table. Every great journey starts as a result of curiosity. Leverage your talent and absorb all that we have for you to build a bold foundation. Understanding the fundamentals is the key to building your skills.

Build Skills


    Once you have learned a technology, it is time to build skills by putting that technology to use with projects and real-world examples. This experience builds your skills so you can start solving problems that businesses face each day.


Solve Problems


    Every problem is an opportunity to exceed our own expectations. Acquire the capacity to solve problems imply more than conquer a Theoretical knowledge, add Creativity, Communication, and Leadership to the formula and you will meet the best version of yourself, an unstoppable one.

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn."

Benjamin Franklin