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DevOps is a set of practices that automates processes between software development and IT teams so they can build, test, and release software faster and more reliably. The concept around DevOps is based on building a culture of collaboration between teams that typically function in relative silos. The benefits of DevOps include increased trust, faster software releases, the ability to solve critical issues quickly, faster decision making and better management of unplanned work. Learn more by contacting us today!

DevOps and Agile

So much to do with such little time

Automation is a key factor when transitioning to DevOps. Implementing intelligent automation with your processes and technologies will shorten the time-to-market and increase quality simultaneously. DevOps takes more than technology; it is smoothing out the process in which people and technologies interact to develop and operate.

Aipath excels in enabling teams to automate with these technologies

Aipath will enable you and your company to take advantage of implementing and configuring these technologies. Furthermore, Aipath will work with you to standardize and automate your processes, putting into place ‘best practices’ for the teams to follow while integrating these technologies. This also allows for the measurement of team performance, great for use in identifying any iterative improvements.

Atlassian Jira

The Atlassian JIRA platform is a multifunctional workflow management tool that allows you to track issues and changes in an operational environment through its Service Desk, or Project related activities such as epics, stories and tasks through customizable workflows. Adhering to the Agile methodology, Aipath uses JIRA to plan and deliver projects with visibility and efficiency. JIRA has cross-functionality abilities, allowing Aipath to utilize knowledge management platforms such as Confluence, code management applications such as Bitbucket, and continuous integration with systems such as Jenkins.


Puppet is an open source configuration management and orchestration tool that automates infrastructure and application management. Available in both commercial and open source versions, Puppet automates configuration and administrative tasks, eliminating the need for repetitive, script-driven changes. Puppet employs a model-based approach to IT automation, enabling it to define infrastructure and application as code, drastically reducing cost, increasing speed, and managing security risks. Integratz can speed up your deployments and lower your costs with this staple in the DevOps Stack.

Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps solutions bring you speedy results with integrated security and the ability to monitor your automated solution. You can easily orchestrate the entirety of your DevOps solutions using any third-party or open source tools, such as Visual Studio, Jenkins, or Kubernetes, with continuous integration and delivery. Azure DevOps is, subsequently, extremely customizable. Aipath has the ability to bring this infrastructure solution into your business to ensure a tailored end-to-end automation of your processes.





Bitbucket is an important tool in implementing a DevOps workflow into any workspace, allowing for the creation of cloud-based repositories for various teams on a project. The power of Bitbucket comes in its version control, or its ability to change aspects of codes or repositories without altering or destroying the original or main branch. This lets team members develop without fear of repercussion and gives more room for more creativity. With Bitbucket, your team can develop and manage a truly organized DevOps environment for code development and deployment.




JFrog Artifactory is designed to integrate with the majority of continuous integration and delivery tools, so as to provide an end to end automated solution for tracking artifacts from development to production. The binary repository is a natural extension to the source code repository, in that it will store the outcome of your build process, often denoted as artifacts. Aipath’s best practices tie in Artifactory with organizational workflow systems such as JIRA, facilitating environment and release management to save, track and audit artifacts progressively deployed from lower environments all the way to production.


Jenkins is an open-source automation server that assists with the continuous integration and delivery of software development. It can be used to check changes in code from repositories, such as GitHub and SVN, make use of containerization software like Kubernetes and Docker, or perform tests with code before taking actions to rollback or roll forward the code in production. Using Jenkins, Aipath can help you eliminate the need for humans to do many of the time-consuming tasks in the software development by automating much of the software delivery pipeline, saving your business both time and money.


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