Honeybee Robotics is ‘going full-on’ with robots

A robotics company that makes Honeybee robots and robots characters has announced a major expansion in the technology behind its newest products.

The company announced on Thursday that it has licensed its existing patent portfolio for a total of 25 patents covering the use of artificial intelligence and robotics in various applications.

The new patents cover a variety of robotic, artificial intelligence, and computer vision technologies, and include products such as robots faces, and robots robots, robots, and more robots, characters, and characters.

Honeybee, which is a California-based company that manufactures robots and other products, says the new technology will be applied to applications ranging from medicine, healthcare, consumer products, and other industries.

The first application of the technology is likely the application of facial recognition and AI technology for medical purposes, said the company.

The other applications of the new patent portfolio include the production of robots characters, robots faces and characters, robot robots, robot faces, robot characters, characters characters, etc.

The technology is currently in the early stages of testing, Honeybee said in a statement, and the company has received support from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and other private companies.

The news comes as other robotics and artificial intelligence companies have begun to make investments in artificial intelligence technologies.

Robotics company Autodesk has announced it has invested $2.3 billion in companies focused on AI and robotics, and Google is also reportedly developing artificial intelligence software for its self-driving car fleet.

While some of these companies have recently begun to expand their robotics products, Honeybees has announced plans to go full-out with its robotics robots and characters characters.

Honeybee is one of several robotics companies that have invested in a patent portfolio.

In addition to the patent portfolio, Honey Bee also announced it is developing a technology to “provide an immersive and lifelike user interface for the company’s robots characters.”

The company is also planning to expand its product line and hire new employees in the coming years, according to the company statement.