How the NFL’s security robot could become the next big thing

It’s time to put the security robot out of business, the NFL says, but not for good.

Robby the Robot is now an NFL security robot.

Its first game was a big success, and the NFL is betting the future of security is in its robot.

Robbby the robotic security robot has been a big hit with the NFL, with the team using the robot in a number of games.

Robbie the robot will also be featured in a new movie.

Robbo is one of the most popular robot sports games in the world.

The NFL has a number games, but Robbo has always been the one that everyone was most excited about.

It’s the one where the ball comes out of your hands, it’s the only game where you don’t know where you are, and you can make an interception.

In a video released on Sunday, Robbo announced it will be moving to a new home at the National Robotics Museum in Arlington, Virginia.

It’ll be in the basement of the museum.

Robbies new home will be part of the National Robot Museum in the National Science Center.

It will house the first fully-functional robot designed and manufactured by the NFL.

The robot will live in a room that will be controlled by a motion-sensitive, remote control system that is used to monitor the robot’s health.

It also will have its own computer that will record game statistics and will play audio cues when the robot makes a mistake.

It will also have its security cameras that can capture images of the entire stadium.

The NFL also has another security robot, Robby, which has been used in some of the more serious games.

But the NFL doesn’t use Robby the robots security robot for safety reasons.

The game is just the beginning.

Robby will be featured again in a series of documentaries, which will be produced by the Smithsonian Institute and produced by ESPN.

The first series of shows will air on April 1, 2019.