How to make a robotic toy with Lego

Robots are the future of manufacturing, and now, a Japanese startup is working on a robot toy that is made of Lego.

Called Lego Robot, the product uses Lego bricks and will come in a few different shapes and sizes.

The company behind the toy is called Lego-Kanji, and the company is working with a Japanese company called Lego Factory to create the toy.

The toy will have a set of buttons that can be programmed to act as the parts of a robot.

“The main goal of the robot is to make robots that people will be able to control,” said Lego-Sushi in a statement.

The Lego-Ganji robot is about the size of a large shopping bag, and it will come with three different robots that can operate like LEGO characters.

The robots are set up like this: a Lego character that can control the robot and a Lego box that contains a robot and its components.

The robot can also be programmed with commands to act like a specific kind of toy, like the Lego Movie robot.

The key to the Lego-ganji robotic robot is the Lego bricks that make up the robot.

Each robot is made up of four Lego bricks, which is a little more than the Lego characters that the robot comes with.

The four Lego characters can move their arms and legs like Lego characters and can use a controller that has a joystick.

The software on the controller also lets the robot control a variety of other Lego robots, like toys.

The main goal is to be able the Lego Robot to be used by people.

The first robot will be released this spring and will be priced at about $49, but that price includes shipping and handling, according to the company.

Lego Factory is based in Tokyo and has a similar toy factory in the United States.

The LEGO Factory robot has already had a run on the market, selling for about $1,000 in 2014.

The idea of making robots that are built with Lego seems like it could be a good one.

Robots are already a big part of the world’s economy, and some of the more recent projects have also involved robots that look like toys and interact with them.

For example, the company behind a Lego-themed robot called R2-D2 has had success making robots for Star Wars and other sci-fi franchises.

However, robots that could act like Lego have never really been a big hit with the consumer.

A recent Pew Research Center survey found that fewer than half of Americans are willing to buy a robot with a mechanical arm that moves like a real toy.

In the United Kingdom, however, more than half say they would like a robot to have a hand-operated mechanical arm.

The United States is a lot different from the rest of the developed world in how people interact with robots, and while it might not be as common as a toy that looks like a toy, robots have been around for a long time.

There are already robots that use Lego bricks.

You can buy an electric car with Lego bricks to power it, or there are Lego robots that walk around the streets of London.