How to make your own humanoid robot

Wired magazine wants you to be the first to build your own robotic friend.

So they’re offering a $200,000 challenge.

They want you to build a robot with a personality that can be controlled remotely, as well as with a sense of humor.

You can get your chance to try out this one on Friday, March 19 at 8 p.m.

EST on the website for The Robot Society, an organization that wants to bring robotics to the masses.

This isn’t your normal robot.

You’ll need a human arm, a pair of hands, a brain and some other parts.

To make your robot, you’ll need to pick one of several designs, and then assemble it.

You might even have to pay a visit to your local hardware store.

But the real fun starts when you build a friend.

We’ll be there with the latest from the world of robotics, and we’ll tell you how it’s done.