‘Litter robot 3’ on the way: Google’s ‘Litrubot’ will make litter safer for people

A ‘litter robot’ is an automated device that can collect litter and dispose of it.

The company, which has been on sale since December, claims it can take up to 100,000 pounds of rubbish a day and that the device is “a major technology breakthrough”.

The company has already raised $200,000 through crowdfunding.

The ‘LITrubot 3’ has a camera that can spot and identify litter, and can deliver the material to a collection point.

The machine uses magnets and can detect and dispose the rubbish at a location where a human is nearby.

The device is expected to be launched in late 2018, and the company says it will be available for purchase in the next two years.

“The LITrubots are designed to be the ultimate solution to litter control and to provide the public with safer, more environmentally friendly, more convenient and convenient options to dispose of their trash,” a statement from the company read.

“As we launch our LITurbs3 we’re proud to be working with the world’s largest litter management company, LitterMaster, to bring the LITurgos 3 to market.”

The company’s Kickstarter campaign has raised more than $150,000 so far.