Robo-Toy pool robot toys set to hit shelves in 2020

The Robo-Toys Pool Robot Toy Shop in South San Jose, California is getting ready to put its first robotic toys on store shelves in the 2020 calendar year.

The company has been in business for just over a year now and has already made its mark in the robotics field with the “Pool Robot” toy line.

Now the toy shop will be adding a new robot in the Robot Roomba line.

The robot, which was unveiled at the Robotics Conference in March, is a set of four humanoid robot arms that can be used to swing a large pool of water.

The “Robo-Roomba” is a water robot that can move about the pool and also has a range of activities that can also be used with the water. 

The company will be launching its robot in two sizes, which are the size of a small child and the size you’d expect of a real pool robot.

The pool robot is expected to hit stores in 2020.

The “Pool Bot” has a 3-foot-long, 10-foot tall, 3-inch diameter robot arm and a 30-foot long, 10 foot tall, 1-inch-diameter arm. 

According to the company, the robot is designed to be used in indoor and outdoor environments.

It can perform a variety of tasks such as swimming, lifting and lifting objects, balancing and spinning.

The Robo Roomba will also be available for purchase in two different sizes: the pool-sized “Roboski” and the larger “Robot Roomba.”

The “Robotski” is the size that would fit into a small children’s playroom.

The Robot Roombaboon will also include two sets of arms that are able to be operated independently.

One set of arms has a 6-foot wide, 3.5-foot high, 4-inch tall, 7-foot thick and 5-foot deep range of motion.

The second set of arm can move in both directions. 

The Robot Roombatoon will be available in the size 7-inch and 10-inch range. 

 The Robo Roombabs is the same size as the “Robotic Roomba” and has an 8-foot length and 2-inch height. 

In the same vein, the “Roombatoon” will also come with the same range of functions.

The robotic arm can be programmed to lift and place objects on a flat surface.

It has an optional 4-foot range of movement for swimming.

The same range and motion can also come in the form of a spinning, climbing and swimming motion. 

This is the second robot in line for the Robo Roomboone line.

“Poolbot” was announced in May.

This was a robot toy that could be used as a pool ball or a pool floor. 

“Poolbot,” a robot in its own right, was designed to help kids with autism spectrum disorders with an indoor or outdoor environment.

It was designed with a 3D printer and can be customized for different activities. 

A new version of the “robot toy” called “Pool Bots” will be released this year. 

Robots are already on store shelf in Australia, but it’s not clear whether this new robot line will be similar to the robots available in stores in the U.S. Read more: