Robot Pool Cleaner Gets $25 Million for Being a Smart Robot

The latest robotics startup, smart robot and pool cleaner maker Lego, has announced a $25 million Series B round led by Google Ventures.

The round was led by New York-based Fidelity Investments and includes investment from New Ventures Partners, which also led the $50 million round in 2017.

The company plans to use the funding to expand its workforce of 150 people in San Francisco.

“We are incredibly excited to join Google Ventures,” said Tom Hildebrand, co-founder of Lego.

“Lego’s expertise and experience in building highly capable robots are essential to our mission to enable everyone, regardless of age, disability, or skill level to work smarter, more collaboratively and with greater purpose.

Lego’s innovative and powerful robots and technology are poised to transform the lives of millions of people across the globe.”

The company has been building its robots for more than a decade and has created more than 5,000 different robots since launching its brick-and-mortar retail operation in 2008.

Lego says its robots can perform basic tasks such as lifting a chair, washing dishes and cleaning the floor, and are capable of performing advanced tasks like moving a large piece of equipment.

“The company has built robots that perform simple tasks like picking up a coffee cup, but we are excited to expand our capabilities by building robotic tools that can do more complex tasks, like operating a hydraulic lift or lifting a heavy weight,” Hildebrant said.

Google Ventures is a venture capital firm focused on high-growth technology companies. “

Working with Google Ventures will allow us the opportunity to further our vision of bringing robotics to the next level in the most effective way possible.”

Google Ventures is a venture capital firm focused on high-growth technology companies.

Its portfolio includes a number of companies that focus on robotics and autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, artificial health and medical research, and financial services.

The firm is a founding member of the OpenAI accelerator and is also a member of Google’s Open Labs program.

Google is investing in many emerging technologies, including AI, artificial neural networks, and deep learning.