Robots in swimming pools can ‘learn’ how to swim by themselves

Google is working to develop robot-like software that can be used to help robotic swimming pools.

In a patent application filed on Tuesday, the company describes the concept of “learning robots” that can “learn to swim autonomously by themselves” and then learn how to interact with others using a human’s voice.

The company is describing a “learning robot” as a machine that “learns to swim” by itself, but “can be taught to swim with a human.”

The robots can also “learn” how to navigate around a pool of water using a “computer-assisted approach.”

This “learning process,” the company says, “will take advantage of existing robot capabilities and will enable robotic swimming pool operators to manage, manage, and improve robotic swimming.”

This approach would allow the robots to learn “to navigate in a safe and controlled manner” around pools, the patent says.

This would also allow the robot “to learn to use and manipulate objects” that might be present in a pool.

The robots could also “create their own pool-specific algorithms, and implement these algorithms in order to improve swimming conditions.”

The company says this approach would also be able to teach the robot how to “learn the appropriate commands and to perform the actions required by the pool operator in a timely manner.”