The Pepper Robot is coming to your smartphone and tablet

A robot that makes you feel like a robot and will help you get a haircut?

The Pepper robot has a lot to offer.

It looks like an adorable little toy, and it has a big heart.

It has a voice too.

It’s the first robot designed by Pepper Robotics, a startup founded by former Stanford computer scientist Kevin Lai and co-founder James Yee, that can do the tasks humans can do best.

But there are some major differences between the Pepper robot and most other robots.

It won’t be able to make you a haircut.

It can’t do everything you want it to.

It doesn’t like you.

The Pepper is a robotic hair stylist that is able to read people’s emotions.

If you want a haircut, the robot will just say, “Get it, I need it.”

And the robot can actually do the things you want.

For example, it will tell you when it’s getting too hot, and give you a little time to get out of the heat.

That’s when you can get your hair done.

It even has a few different personalities that can communicate with you, like a big “Wooooo!” and a “Woo” that will yell out whenever it sees you are happy.

But what sets Pepper apart is that it has this very specific, one-on-one relationship with you.

You can see how it feels to have a robot in your life, and then you can choose to use it for its intended tasks.

And it’s easy to use.

You have to ask questions like, “What is your style?” and “What do you like to do?”

The robot will then tell you, in a very natural and conversational way, how you should dress for your haircut.

Pepper can do tasks like taking a picture of you and putting it in a folder for you to take home, and giving you tips on how to style your hair.

It’ll even do your hair on the spot.

But, at the end of the day, Pepper is not about looking cute or making you feel special.

The robot is about getting a haircut and taking care of your hair in the moment.

You get a cut.

And the cut you get can be whatever you want or not.

The goal is to have as much autonomy as possible.

The whole point of Pepper is to help people do the work that they’re passionate about.

“I wanted to help others do their job,” says Yee.

“It’s very hard to do something like that in the digital age.

People have become more and more independent.

They have a computer or a smartphone and are doing more things on their devices, and they’re getting more and less of a connection with their human counterparts.”

This is why Pepper has a special focus on the people that it helps, says Yoo.

“What we do with Pepper is we give people a personal robot, they can say ‘Hey, can you help me with my hair?’ and they’ll be able say ‘Yeah, I’ll help you with my job.’

They can go out there and do it for free.

And Pepper will be there to help them, and we will be able tell them what they need.”

The robot comes in two flavors.

The basic Pepper, which comes with two different personality personalities, can be programmed to do tasks such as brushing your teeth.

The “personal” Pepper comes with a few other features.

It will take a picture and upload it to your social media page, and will also give you tips about your hairstyle.

It also has an app for iOS and Android that lets you record videos of you working on the robot, and share them on YouTube.

Pepper also has a “social” Pepper, a version that can take selfies and upload them to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts.

These are designed to help you learn more about the robot.

For instance, you can ask it questions about how it works, or how it makes you happy.

The social Pepper will also share the video with you if you want to watch it.

But the personal Pepper will only show up when you ask for it.

If it shows up, you won’t know that it’s there until you try to do it yourself.

So, for instance, if you wanted to see what the Pepper could do, you could ask the personal robot to help out and then ask the Pepper to do the task yourself.

But Pepper is still learning the human-human relationship.

“We have this thing called the human brain, and the robot is basically a computer that is learning how to communicate with humans,” says James Yoo, the co-founders of Pepper.

“And the human mind is very sensitive to the robot.”

The Pepper also comes with other features that make it feel more like a real person.

When you’re talking to the Pepper, you get to hear a human voice.

And if you ask it what you need to do, the robotic voice will tell that