The Star Wars robot chicken sex robots

The Star War robots are back!

That’s what the Star Wars fans are saying right now after the official Star Wars Twitter account posted a photo of the new robotic toy with a picture of the iconic robot.

The new toy is named “Robot Chicken” and it’s powered by a 2.4GHz processor, with six interchangeable joints.

It can be controlled via Siri, but also has an Android-like interface for controlling the motion and motion-detection sensors.

The company is calling the robot “the ultimate chicken sex robot.”

It’s not just a new toy; the company has been testing a sex toy that looks very similar to the droid chicken.

There’s a new sex toy called the Star Beast which is designed to look like a human-like sex doll and comes in three sizes: the StarBeast-1, StarBeast 1.5, and Star Beast 2.0.

The Star Beast is currently only available in Japan and China, but there are plans to bring it to the U.S. soon.