What are the best robots for your home?

Wired has published a series of articles that offer a detailed look at the robots you can buy in your home.

The series, Robot TV, covers all of the major robot companies, from the small to the big.

Here are the top picks.

The best robot for your house?

A new line of robot toys will soon be available in your local toy store.

The latest robotic toys include the popular “Emoji” robot, and “Robot Friend” from toy developer Toyot.

But before you go shopping for a new robot, you should know what it is and what you can expect from it.

The most popular robot of the week: The “Eggbot” robot.

(Robot) Eggbot is a toy company founded by Mattel founder Mattel (MAT), and is currently working on an official robot named the Eggbot.

The robot, which looks like a robotic egg, has been a popular toy for years and is one of the most popular toy lines in the world.

It’s also got a huge following on Facebook.

Like the other “E” robots, Eggbot will come with a camera and a touchscreen.

But unlike other robots in the series, Eggbots features a camera that will capture videos of the toy’s surroundings, allowing you to record your interactions with the robot.

Eggbots also comes with a remote control that lets you control the robot’s movements, such as moving the camera.

You can get the Eggbots for $49.99 and will be able to add a third remote control (sold separately) to add on to the Egg Bot.

The other popular robot in the line is the “Robotic Chicken.”

This is a more powerful robot that can be used to pick up objects, pick up other robots, and even fly.

This is the third robot from the Robot TV series, but it comes in a lot of colors, with colors ranging from orange and pink to blue and black.

The best robot to have around for a year: You can buy the “E-Robot” robot for $299.99 from toy manufacturer Robot Toys.

This robot is not only very popular, it’s also one of Robot TV’s top picks for a robot.

The E-Robots features a large battery, an automatic, wireless remote, and comes with four sensors.

You will be asked to press the button for each of the sensors, and if all four sensors are positive, the robot will start working.

This makes the robot very easy to control.

It can also perform various tasks, such a picking up toys, and you can even use it to do things like open up a fridge door, open a car door, or lift up a shelf.

It is very durable, and can last for about three years on a single charge.

The “Robo-Pilot” robot is another robot that will make an appearance in the RobotTV series.

This version of the robot is also a bit more expensive than the other two, but the Robo-Pilots is much more versatile and will also work with a variety of tasks.

The Robo-E-Bot robot also comes in the RoboPilot version, which features a more sophisticated camera, two more sensors, a microphone, and two sensors that can pick up the camera, as well as a speaker.

If you’re looking for something that can take your robot beyond its original functionality, the “Laser E-Bot” robot from Robot Toys comes in its own line.

This toy is capable of shooting laser beams from its mouth and can even fly through the air.

It will come in the “Zombie E-bots” or the “Skeleton E-bot” versions.

You should buy the RoboBot if you’re a robot lover or just want to add an extra layer of fun to your home, and the RoboE-bot if you want to keep your robot around for the next few years.

The third robot in Robot TV is the RoboLaser robot.

This one is similar to the RoboCobra but has a camera, infrared sensors, voice recognition, and a remote.

This will come as a separate unit.

The Robot TV robot series has been out for years, and it is hard to beat a good robot.

For the time being, you can check out some of the best robot deals in your area, and try out these robots before you buy them.