What is a robot sex toy?

Sex dolls are among the latest innovations to hit the market.

But as they are mostly made by third-party makers, you are unlikely to find one from a robot company.

What is it?

The term sex doll comes from the Greek word sexos meaning “male or female”, which refers to a sexual organ that is used to reproduce.

A sex robot is one that is designed to simulate sex between a human being and a doll.

They may look very similar to a real-life sex toy, but are more like a toy that has been created by a sex toy company.

The company making them makes them to order and have them delivered to your door.

The toy is then fitted with an app and programmed to behave in a certain way.

When a doll is inserted into a vagina, for example, it will perform the movements associated with a sex act.

How do you make one?

Robots are made from aluminium or other materials.

They are often assembled using a machine that uses a series of pulleys to move parts around, and a belt system to pull them apart.

The robots are then assembled in the same way a human would.

How long does it take to make one of these?

As long as it’s made of aluminium, silicon or other metals.

How much does it cost?

It will vary depending on the company making it.

Most sex dolls are made in China, but a few are made by local companies, such as Bang Bang.

How can you tell if a robot is real?

The robot can be programmed to perform a particular action and act in a particular way.

For example, if a sex doll has a button that you can press to perform sexual acts, that will tell you whether the robot is actually a sex robot.

You may need to look closely to find out whether the doll is real or not.