When it comes to robots, ‘It’s a good day for science’

If you haven’t heard of the Henson robot vacuum yet, it’s probably because you’ve never heard of it.

But its inventor, Anthony Henson, has been working on the vacuum since the late 1980s, and it’s a very smart vacuum.

But for now, we’re just going to let him tell us how it works.

Anthony Hensons company, Robot Labs, is the inventor of the most successful robot vacuum ever created.

The company was founded by Henson and his son, Andrew.

The Henson family have worked on several projects for NASA, but Robot Labs was the first to use their robots on the commercial scale.

So it’s pretty important to the Henson family that they have that technology in their product line, but this is not the only Henson product.

They also have a line of small robots that can be programmed with different functions.

Henson’s company also sells vacuum cleaners, which are the kind of robot vacuums that you might find on a kitchen counter.

But there are many other products in the Hentens line.

For instance, they have a robot vacuum called the ‘hanson robot vacuum’, which is a hybrid robot vacuum.

The vacuum is actually two separate vacuum cleaners.

It’s an open-loop vacuum that you can control by pushing a button on the side of the robot.

It has a little robot that you control and a little vacuum that goes down and away from you.

That’s where the real magic happens.

It really is a really powerful, intelligent, intelligent vacuum, that can control itself.

And when it comes down to it, it does a great job.

It can make your vacuum look like a nice, clean, clean kitchen.

The problem with the robot vacuum is that it is expensive.

Anthony’s son Andrew, who is the company’s CTO, told Tech Insider: When you get the Hanson robot, you are not paying for the robot, but you are paying for a machine that has a big learning algorithm that you have to be trained to do.

And it’s really important to him that this machine be as powerful as possible so that when he does that next project, it will be as successful as it can be.

This robot vacuum that Henson has been developing is the Henteden.

It was built by a company called Hentedon Robotics.

Anthony explained: We built this Hentedun robot because we had the right amount of time, and we had all the right things in place.

So when we did the robot prototypes, we had a lot of people, and a lot more money, to start building it.

The first prototype was built with about three months of funding.

And the robot was built using a lot fewer materials.

The next prototype, which was completed in two years, was built from scratch with over three years of funding and with a new robot.

The final prototype is more complicated, but the Hentsons team was able to achieve some of the goals of the first prototype.

The robot is a little more expensive than the first one.

The more expensive Henten has been, the more expensive it has been for the company.

So the company decided to make a big bet and raise more money.

And they did, and they did that in the past two years.

The last time they raised money for the first Henton was in 2015, when they got about $40 million in funding.

That was just the first round.

The funding from Hentedons first round of funding is going towards a new Hentedus 2.0, which is also going to have a new design.

The biggest question that we have about the new Hentons is how the new robot will work, but we’re not sure that there’s a clear answer yet.

Anthony says that the new model is going to be more expensive, because it’s going to use more materials.

So what’s going on with the new design is that they are going to add a little extra cost to the robot so that it doesn’t look like the first version.

So this is a big change for Hentedion Robotics, and that’s the reason why the company is still developing the new one.

But Anthony says the new models are going in a different direction.

The new Hentson 2.1, which we have seen at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, is a bit more expensive.

And then there’s the new second Hention.

It is a slightly different design.

So I think the reason we’re seeing such a big difference in the price of these new models is because they are getting their design from different parts.

They are getting the new vacuum cleaner, which will be the next big thing, from different suppliers.

Anthony said: This is where it gets really exciting.

This is going from a big product to a really big one.

It could be the future of the entire home.