When robots win: Why China wants to fight wars in the future

The United States is spending $1.7 trillion to train and equip hundreds of thousands of robots, but the robot wars in China could be a different story.

China is preparing to fight a number of wars, including one to wipe out the spread of the virus, the WSJ reports, citing a report by the state-run Xinhua news agency.

The robots are already being used in the United States, where President Donald Trump has said he wants to train them and have them fight in Afghanistan and Iraq.

China has been building its own robots and training them to fight for its interests, which are largely in the defense sector.

But China is preparing its robots for a new war, one that is potentially bigger than the ones that have been waged in the past.

“We have to prepare ourselves for a future war,” a military official told the WSJs.

“We can’t be too careful.

We need to prepare and think about the long-term consequences.”

China has been using the robots to fight back against the virus.

It has sent thousands of them to Vietnam, where it has used them to knock out the virus and to stop the spread in some places.

As China’s population continues to grow and as its economy slows, it is building up a large military and intelligence apparatus.

There is also a push to make robots that can be used for military purposes.

The United Nations said last week that China’s military has the capability to develop a large number of military-grade robots.

China also plans to build a large artificial intelligence (AI) system, according to the WSJD.