When the robot apocalypse strikes: Japan robot sex robot

Japanese robot sex robots have a new name, a new kind of sex toy, and a new market for buyers in Japan.

But the robots’ future may not be so bright in the West.

The robot industry in Japan is undergoing a major boom.

Its biggest market, North America, is seeing a boom in sex toy sales.

Robot lovers in the U.S. and Europe have long been drawn to the idea of having a human-sized robot sex toy.

But they are not buying enough to keep up with demand.

The industry is booming, and the demand for these products is growing.

In Japan, the market is booming too.

The world’s largest manufacturer of sex robots, Hitachi, is currently manufacturing its first female robot.

It will have up to six of the machines, all designed to be sexually active, ready to be sold in 2018.

Robots that can have sex, like the Hitachi A-1 and Hitachi P1, are considered “sex toys,” which means they can be controlled by the user and have a range of sexual activities, like oral sex.

The company says the products are designed to work together, with a range, like a dildo, which will be capable of vaginal and anal penetration.

Robotics company Hitachi has created a new class of sex toys called “sex robots.”

The company describes the robots as a way to allow customers to experience the sexual experience with the same technology they use in the real world, and to help people become more comfortable with sexual intimacy.

“What we’re doing is trying to create a sex robot that can work in a variety of situations, with people of all ages, in different positions, and with a variety to enjoy,” said Hitachi CEO Masanobu Takada at a conference in Tokyo last month.

The company has partnered with a number of Japanese companies to create its products.

Hitachi is also developing a sex toy line in the United States, including a sex-to-sex toy that will come in three flavors: “female” and “male.”

The company is not making any money from its sex robots.

But the company says it has developed its own robot-like technology, which it says it is testing for potential use in its sex robot line.

Japan has become a major sex robot market, with the U,S., Europe, Japan and Australia all seeing huge increases in sales of sex-themed robots.

A report by Japanese company CyberLab in September predicted the U.-Japan sex robot industry will grow from $15.2 billion in 2020 to $24.9 billion in 2021.

The report predicted that the industry will surpass the $20 billion worldwide market by 2021.

Robotic sex robots are expected to become increasingly popular as the demand rises.

They can be used to help couples explore their sexuality, and can even be used for “self-love.”

But some people may not want to have sex with a robot.

There are also some fears that the robots can harm people, because they can easily damage objects.