Which Japanese robot films are the most entertaining?

Robot films are one of the most exciting genres in anime.

With such a variety of titles, the quality of animation and story are often high.

While there are some films that stand out, others are just downright silly.

The following are our picks for the best robots and film series.1.

J-Stars Victory Vs.

A popular series of robot films, this was originally set to be a live-action film.

However, the company decided to put the movie on hold due to the poor quality of the animation.

The cast of the film includes the likes of Takuya Yamaguchi, Mitsuo Nakamura, and Keiichi Yamashita, who has also made an appearance in the anime series.2.

Jigoku-Tatsumaki no Kishi (Robot Tale)A popular animated series, Robot Tale is set in the future, where robots have become the dominant species.

The series, which aired in 2000, focused on two robot-like creatures called the Jigokus.

However the story of the two creatures was later retconned in a live action film called Robot Tale 2.3.

Jigen-sama Sentai: A.K.A. Robo Robo (Robo Robo)A sequel to Robo Robo, Robo Robo 2 follows the adventures of Robo Robo II.

While it has been retconning the story for the sequel, the original story is still relevant.4.

Robot Gakusen: Gakusei Sentai Zetto (Robotech Sentai)Another robot film adaptation, Robot Gaksen was set in a parallel universe where robots and humans are the dominant race.

It is the first film to focus on humans, as opposed to robots, and features several notable characters including Kazuya Sakamoto, Riko Izumi, and Ryo Muto.5.

Jugai Sentai Gunka no Rakuen: The Power of Love (Gunka Sentai Sentar)Set in the year 2035, the movie is about a robot named Raku.

A man who accidentally loses a loved one and is sent back in time to stop the destruction of the planet is called upon by the other inhabitants of the island of Raku to protect it.

While the film was based on the original Japanese manga, it was changed for the film.6.

Bokujo Sentai Shikkoku no Astarotte: The Battle for Earth (Bokujo Sentinel)Set during the height of the Cold War, the main protagonist is the leader of the Earth Alliance, a group of robots led by the powerful Zetsu.

Zetsu, a robot with the ability to teleport, is the main antagonist in the film, and it is set against a backdrop of the 1950s.7.

Hoshi ni Narutaka no Shigekaze!

(Roboteer)Set sometime after the events of Robo Robot, a boy and his dog are attacked by a group called the Zetsu (a robot race), who kidnap a girl and force her to train them.

This was the first animated film that had robots and their respective races as the main characters.8.

Natsume Sentai Jigeki no Bahamut (Robopocalypse)A robot movie about an alien invasion, Robo Apocalypse was made by Buka Entertainment.

Set in the distant future, Robo-Chan, a male android, is sent to investigate the disappearance of a young girl named Tsubasa.9.

A Certain Magical Index: The Return of Natsuiro (Anime)Set just before the events in Robo Robo Robot and Robo-chan, Natsuroi, an artificial intelligence, discovers that she has an artificial “memory” that lets her use her memories as a means of communication with her friends.10.

The Prince of Tennis (Robotic Tennis)Set a few decades before Robo Robot or Robo-Chan, this is a robot tennis game where players use their own tennis ball to hit each other in the courts.

This is the earliest animated film set in this world, and one of its few notable characters is the robotic tennis player A.


In addition to the other notable characters in the story, the film also includes a character called Rurouni Kenshin.

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