Why the LEGO spider robot should be banned in India

A new wave of Lego robot-related mischief has hit the country.

A new wave has hit India in the last few months, and the latest has seen Lego’s Robo-Spider car and its spinner robot banned.

The car is made by a company called Nesco, which also makes the Spider-Man toy, according to reports.

The Spider-Matic, a Spider-bot, was also banned in December after an attack on a school in Gujarat, the report said.

Lego’s RoboSpider was also set to be banned on the same grounds as the SpiderMatic and Spider-Robo, it said.

The SpiderMantic is powered by a four-wheel drive, the car is powered using an electric motor, and it is designed to go into corners, hit other cars and drive into people, the company said.

The spider-bot has been used for a number of attacks, including a bomb threat at a shopping mall in Bengaluru in April.

The robot’s speed of around 25 kmph has also been criticised, as well as the fact it has a spinning wheel.

A spokesman for Nescomo said it was too early to comment on the ban.